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    Dec 25, 2006


    It seems to be tradition. It's unavoidable. Oran gets sick during the holidays and/or his birthday. This year showed promise of change. The congestion and sniffles began, almost like clockwork, a few weeks before turkey day. When NyQuil andDayQuil didn't kick it to the curb over the weekend, Oran made a mad dash for the doc's office. He figured he'd beat it early. Sure enough, with days to spare, Oran was mostly healthy for Thanksgiving, save for a pesky cough. It wouldn't quit.

    He kept up on fluids and, if it persisted too long through the day, he followed a routine of NyQuil to help him rest. Imagine his frustration when a hint of allergy congestion started up just as the cough had begun to subside. By the following morning, cough had return full force and Oran relapsed ... just in time for Christmas. Armed with cough drops, decongestant/antihistamine, and home remedy cough syrup Oran faces hard fact.

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    the wolfman said...

    Oran is a self-absorbed hypochondriac with an identity crisis