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    Dec 10, 2006

    real life Seinfeld ... or maybe Abbot & Costello

    Okay, allow me to prologue this entry with classic Dragnet disclaimer.

    The story you are about to (read) is true, only the names have been changed to protect (their dignity).

    Actually, I won't use names at all. I and two others were at a movie tonight (last night, this morning, whatever). Upon completion of the ceremonial ticket tearing, conversation quickly turned to concession options. When it was decided something more than candy was desired, we approached the counter and asked about "dinner" items. I'm eying the cinnabon pretzel as the cashier runs through the three options readily available given the hour (late showing) - hot dog, pretzels, nachos. The younger of the nameless two says "I'll have a pizza". Um, duh? Again it is recited to us, for benefit of the hearing impaired and/or space cadet. They both order hot dogs. Cashier notices a lack of franks on the hot rollers and starts a short search and inquiry. No dogs. They settle on nachos and the rest is normal routine.

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