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    Mar 17, 2007

    this wall reserved for social graffiti ...

    what a bizarre notion. one of my friends, and elite few subscribers, mentioned having lost broadband service recently. i began a thought in reply, and then thought better of it. i instead hodgepodgenly post it here (call up webster and get that one in the books!).

    this web logging that we do is such a humorous thing, if you think about it. it is of course the message boards of old (all hail arpanet) that gave us the likes of blogs and live chat. it is however, rather unique to this medium. of course there are other mediums to sport something similar, but nothing as liberating or as expressive. dear abby and the gang moderate and choose topic. chain letters, even amongst friends and family, were out dated by the time they reached destinations. at no other point in time could you, without regard to location or repercussion, freely share opinion or thought and get response in kind.

    just try and picture a large wall, probably near the central hub of town, reserved for the paying customer to climb a ladder, sharpie or paint pen in hand, and scribble down whatever thought crossed their mind (or even to comment on another's writing). pay the fine and face criminal charges for graffiti, but for a small fee, you can log your opinion here. imagine the social buzz created by what is (or isn't) written; in the larger metropoli (is that the proper plural? maybe another one for webster to consider) such a wall could exist by region. "if you think this is good, then you should check out the one downtown."

    at this point, thoughts in my head spiral around the jobs of recording those writings for sake of posterity, of resurfacing the walls, and of organizing and maintaining structure of the walls ... as if it were a plan worth putting into motion ... and i laugh at myself. then again, wouldn't it be wild to see an entire wall at a favorite hangout made of the wipe board material - reserved for just such a use?

    okay ... obviously i've been up way too long and need to get the hamster off the exercise wheel for a few hours. if anyone decides to put that last idea to use, though, i want my cut ... and naming rights.


    ewag777 said...

    you are a witty and long winded person. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Tecla said...

    Good words.