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    Oct 23, 2008

    Vote ____ on Prop 12

    Hopefully you have your General Election Voter Information Guide handy, because I don't have links readily to each of the propositions. I am instead going to presume you have the guide nearby for reference, or have already read or have heard something on them.

    Prop 12

    This proposition was added to the ballot by unanimous vote, both by State Senate (39-0) and State Assembly (75-0).

    No heavy politics here. First approed by voters on November 7, 1922, and continued on through voter approval 26 additional times over the 85 years following, California has continuously set aside funding for Veteran Housing Assistance. The debt is repayed by the very vetrans that are helped by this program. Never in the history of the Veterans' Bond Act has a single cent of Californians' state taxes been used to repay these bonds. This has been a self sufficient program. Over time, voters have had to approve whether or not more funds would be made available to continue this program. Approval of this proposition would mark the 27th time funds have been made available to assist vetrans of our armed services in affording the purchase of a home.

    Vote your conscience, but please do vote.

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