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    Sep 29, 2009

    a time to laugh, a time to cry

    If you know where I work, fine, if not, it's not important.

    The only thing consistent is that everything changes. I fought for eight months of 50 mile commutes one direction to find a way to work here in town (ref: June/July 2006 blog post).
    Lady Luck is a fickle mistress indeed. Before the new month is out, I will again be driving 100 miles a day. At least I am still employed.

    There is never a good way to break bad news to someone, let alone an office full of people dependant on the money you are paying them. I would have been a little more positive - build a sense of need or value. Instead we get glad handed. "Thanks for your hard work." "We appreciate all your efforts." Follow that up with justification and explanation, then sneak the elephant into the room and hope that no one absolutely wigs out.

    I am numb. I've become accustomed to certain things that may not be now. I've looked forward to a time that may never come. This change doesn't affect the probability of that time coming, but it certainly evicerates my optimism.

    To all of you that share in my fate today, I am here. I will be there. I hope you will as well.

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