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    Dec 4, 2010


    The economy is going down the tubes, finances are lean at best, and unemployment is on the rise (including yours truly). Tis the season of giving, but if you're in the same sinking boat I'm in, what can you give?

    Give of yourself. Give love. Sure it sounds hallmark card cheesy and The Beatles are already playing on your mental jukebox ("...all you need is love, love, love is all you need"), but what more valuable thong can you give those around you? I don't have anything to shop with; hardly anything to put under the tree. What my children really need from their father is love, values, and a strong example to follow. It is in times like this they will learn to value, and it is my job to help shape WHAT they value.

    This year may not be the most bountiful, but it will not be bleak.

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