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    Oct 23, 2006


    Okay, I'm sure most of you have seen the Rozerem commercials. That's the pill to help you sleep, naturally, so you can dream again. Call me crazy, but as out of place and bizarre the characters are (Abe Lincoln, a small woodland critter, and a barely present and very silent astronaut), I think they are purposely chosen, not just the result of some brainstorming session.

    Maybe it's just me, but I can't help but see the Freudian connection. He's speaking to his dreams, or the embodiment thereof - Sex, Money, and Aspirations. I've not put those in the order I listed the commercials, but I think if you've seen them, you'll get which goes where ...

    Then again, it is nearly 2 AM and I don't make the greatest leaps of logic after midnight without my Jolt Cola, in which case I wrote some of my most ingenious essays. If you want to get me something for Christmas, visit that website and ship me a case ... good night folks!!

    1 comment:

    april said...

    Sounds like someone ate some shrooms not a sleeping pill!