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    Oct 27, 2006

    inquiring shades of ignorance

    okay, admittedly i'm not quite in my element in a pub or bar (apparently there is a difference). This is not to say that I have not imbibed the occasional recreational poison, but that particular venue is not my forte.
    I'm prefacing with that to say this:
    In honor of the end of daylight savings, which officially occurs at 2:00 AM PST (both for fall back and leap forward), there is a quizzical thought that i've been pondering intermittently. My understanding is that, under normal circumstances, the infamous "last call" for any spirit serving establishment ends with the strike of two o'clock AM. What happens on that last Saturday/Sunday of October when the clock strikes 2 AM and then magically rolls back, simultaneously, to 1 AM?? I'd think that this time frame above any other (for those in attendance) would be THE happy hour.
    Ponder this as we continue our meditations ... aaaaaaahhhhmmmmmmm ...

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