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    Nov 1, 2006

    old habits

    I'm certain my error in this is trying to assign logic to something that has none. I can't make any sense of why, with very rare exception, morning after morning my oldest inevitably cries and whines about getting dressed for school. It's becoming a sort of routine. She loves school, but without fail she is in tears about getting up and dressed. This must be some kind of control issue for her, or maybe (pure sarcasm to follow) she's picked up the trait/talent of her mother's to push my buttons and crack my otherwise calm and mellow demeanor. All I know is that I find one of Cosby's older routines (Cosby: Himself) running through my head more often as my children and I age. And I shake my head and chuckle ... though I'm not sure if I appear amused or a little cuckoo when I do so.

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    the wolfman said...

    "cuckoo" - I tend to agree with that sentiment.