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    Jan 9, 2007

    yay for words!

    in interest of amateur interest in linguistics, or at the very least correct punctuation, did you hear about the new "term of the year"? i don't remember the uber word geek agency that has made the word official, but there is some humor, and meloncholy to the new word.

    Pluto (v) - To Demote or diminish. plutoed, plutoing
    (that last one reads like a slingshot ... LOL)

    not that a planet, or non-planet, has any feelings, but this kind of adds insult to injury. how important is it, really, in the big scheme of things to redefine the discovered? there is a certain arrogance to the "science" of astronomers and the space program. i read an excellent article theorizing hypothetical damage to research attempts on Mars during the 76-77 exploration. the studies and research methods used were making gross assumptions based on Earth atmosphere and conditions. their testing and probing could have hampered findings more than they would have learned. until they widen their thinking, they will only find what they are looking for. methinks the collective interstellar scientific community's ego needs to be plutoed.

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    preemptive warrior said...

    The stargazing community has long considered Pluto to be a non-planet. The evolution of star systems and Pluto's status as a planet are not compatible. We have found three, maybe four more objects roughly the size of Pluto and there are doubtless many, many more. Pluto was the closest stray rock and thus the visible one until recently, so it was deemed a planet. Maybe the new Democrat majority will champion the cause of defending the disenfranchised former planet...