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    Jul 14, 2008

    false equasion

    some time back, i blogged a very simple question concerning those of a homosexual persuasion. recently someone has started making comment, only in jest, that "gay + christianity = ok". it has been a tongue in cheek topic ever since. after stewing in my subconscious for awhile, i now pose a new question.

    please take the time to read the following passages first: genesis 19: 1-9 & romans 1: 18-32. if you don't have a bible handy, open a new browser window and go to

    how can the gay christian community possibly reconcile their faith against what is printed in black and white before their eyes? i've yet to check "alternate" translations, but i'd be astonished if they vary too drastically.

    ok. that's it. agree or disagree, or ignore it completely, i've said my peace.


    ewag777 said...

    here's my 2 cents. "homosexuality" is not a sin. the physical practise of homosexuality, i.e having sex with one of your own sex, is. heterosexuality is not a sin according to scripture, but doing it outside the umbrella of marriage is. the bible is very clear on this. and because God does not sanction marriage between same sex couples, homosexual sex will always be a sin whether or not states recognize said marriages as "legal". having said all of that, i dont care who has sex with who. or is it "whom"?

    preemptive warrior said...

    The problem is that the anti-gay marriage crowd has never been able to articulate a good argument aside from "THE BIBLE SAYS NO!" Well, that point is made moot by the fact that we have freedom of religion in our great nation. The argument should be that gay marriage is not necessary. Right now, everybody has the same right to marriage: A man can marry a woman and a woman can marry a man. So gay people can get married as long as it's to somebody of the opposite sex. Granting somebody the right to marry a person of the opposite sex would be granting a special right. As well, the government not only granting the right to but also condoning gay marriage would spell the end of our society. The liberals will tell you that the same was said of interracial marriage rights. The difference is that people of different races can still produce children. The United States is the only Western superpower to currently have a native birth rate high enough to maintain society. Every European nation and some Westernized Asian nations (especially Japan) are doomed. The former are keeping their society going with an influx of immigrants, primarily from northern Africa and the Middle East. Obviously, this has had a negative effect (see the riots in France from a few years ago).

    So there you have two good reasons for the government not to allow gay marriage. Hopefully, California will get a definition of marriage on the ballot this year so that the bench legislators from the California Supreme Court can be put in their place.

    Scruluce said...

    First, edit your comment. "Granting somebody to marry a person of the SAME sex would be granting a special right." Also, as long as San Francisco is in California, there will be special interest groups working night and day to reverse any decision passed by voters. How many times must we vote on the same issue before "lawmakers" are unable to reverse the voice of the people?

    Second, I understand fully the point you are making, and in a general discussion, you are right. In spite that this nation was founded on a Christian belief system, and a stern moral fiber, the founders were doing everything within their power to break away from a society that dictated how, where, and when to worship. Far reaching over the years, they could not have forseen how our modern day judicial system such wholesome notions and turn them on their ear.

    Third, and final point, My argument isn't concerning the gay community as a whole, only the subset of them that profess Christ as their Lord and Savior, yet are in direct conflict with the Bible to which is cornerstone to Christian Belief. These are the folks that are spiritually driving in the exit only side of the parking lot, but somehow unaware that the spikes have shredded their tires as they passed through.

    preemptive warrior said...

    Granting somebody the right to marry a person of the opposite sex would be granting a special right.

    And, of course, I meant the same sex here.

    Hey, I was tired today.

    Scruluce said...

    LOL. No hard feelings. I just had to razz you. We've all been there, but most aren't brave enough to coherently blog while fighting the enticing fog of sleep. Kudos for that.