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    Aug 15, 2008

    day 4

    (9:30) payday. still broke. ready for court. still congested, but no runny nose. yay.

    (10:45) comic relief in and out of the courtroom. the jury is bonding a bit. they're a good bunch of folks.

    (11:30) opposing sides butting heads again, but not willing to argue it out in front of the kids (the jury). we were sent to our room so the grown-ups could discuss it.

    (12:00) open air market today outside courthouse. not really a farmer's market, as that most booths have prepared food, or craft stuffs, but you get the idea. i'll not need dinner tonight.

    (1:25) back in the jury room. turns out it's a shared room. a new case has started in the courtroom next door. we are now crammed into a room with 15 other jurors. things could be strange for awhile.

    (1:55) most recent witness dismissed. due to a scheduling conflict this afternoon, court was recessed early for the weekend. i'm beginning to wonder how much of this testimony will be necessary for deliberation and rendering of a verdict. i suppose that's for "we the jury" to sort out.

    (2:55) i'm home and have completed editing. if ethan has anything to say about things, i'll be in a movie theater tomorrow afternoon to see the animated star wars movie, and probably the closest McDonalds afterward to get a movie related happy meal toy ... and maybe eat while we're at it.


    preemptive warrior said...

    That movie sucked, Oran. I mean, I knew that it was going to suck, but it surpasses my expectations of sucktitude. Ah, the things we do for kids.

    Scruluce said...

    well crap. super glad i read this BEFORE i went to the movie. no fault of yours, Tim. plans changed. if i'm "lucky", my son will continue to be stubborn and not finish his homework (due last friday, but he was home sick) and i will have to enforce punishment promised ... no movie. LOL that sounds horrible to say. We'll go so long as homework is done.