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    Aug 14, 2008

    day 3

    (9:25) i skipped the cat nap between the kids leaving and when i'd normally start getting ready, and not only was i on time. but i got breakfast too! of course murphy's law stepped in to intervene. now we're starting @ 9:45 every morning. well i'm gonna blow my nose and prepare for the morning session. i did meet a nice older woman also on another jury. she has been serving for 6-7 weeks into a planned 12 week civil trial. praise God i only got a 2 week trial.

    (11:00) morning break. hallelujah we have our second witness and we are even ready for cross. maybe we're finally moving forward. i have a couple voicemail messages. i better check those while i can.

    (12:50) i've sniffled and sneezed my way thru the morning session and feel better now that i've had some fresh air. i discovered that my shirt selection this morning was poor (rust stain) and have spent about half of my glorious 90 min lunch in search of an inexpensive buy. it took aimless meandering downtown for awhile, but i did find a factory-2-u and bought a shirt ($2.14 after tax) ... now to change ... i"ll grab a polish dog from one of the courthouse vendors and still be okay for this afternoon. who'd expect this kind of adventure and "life experience" from 2 weeks of jury duty?

    got a message from a friend at work. apparently calling in once or twice stating that jury duty is lasting 2 weeks doesn't cut it. i have to call in daily. small hoop to jump thru, but a hoop all the same.

    (3:00) obscure observation during afternoon break - the only floor with an up AND down arrow button for the elevators is the 1st floor. any floor higher has only a down button, and of course the basement only has an up button. somehow i also found myself on the wrong floor while "going up" when entering the elevator having pressed the down button ... go fig. maybe i'll stop blogging in the elevator ...

    (4:05) we are recessed for the day. take heed of the wisdom i impart to you: when on jury duty, park in the theater parking garage; they accept validation, and you don't have to cross 5 lanes of one way traffic to get to the courthouse.
    there is nothing more difficult during the note-taking process than when someone trying to establish a timeline of events continually jumps back and forth within the (sometimes not yet established) timeline. we as jurors are given quarter sheet legal pads (50 sheet ct?) for note-taking. i am the only juror to have already started a second pad, but i understand others are close. i don't know if i'm overdoing it or not, but i want to make sure the facts are available to me. once or twice the movie Memento has come to mind, and i've been tempted to write a personal thought down, but i don't want to mislead myself during deliberation when i am finally going back over all my notes.

    (rereading my post from first break, we ended the day with cross still under way for our third witness for the prosecution. don't know where that leaves us, but we've definitely made progress.)

    " ... his hat is on backwards. he shows you his tattoos. he is in the music business. he is calling you 'dude!' ..."


    mrs. roof said...

    as horrendouly boring as this all is for you, it does make for interesting reading for the rest of us :-p especially since i have jury duty coming up myself!

    preemptive warrior said...

    i don't do jury duty.