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    Aug 13, 2008

    day 2

    (9:22) my poor wife has come down with a summer cold and has been gracious enough to share it with the family. the kids and i are fighting sore throats and sniffles, but haven't yet succumbed. this could make it far more unpleasant to complete my stint as a juror. i am hurrying up to the courtroom, so more to follow ...

    (10:55) after a long morning session. and a "short" break that preceded eruptions from the courtroom (that we all could here from the jury room) we are now on the morning break. cross of the 1st witness will finally take place. i'm starting to wonder if i went thru the wrong door and joined the circus ...

    (12:00) bonafied 3 rings. there is more time spent arguing between opposing sides than testimony given. seven paid days remain in the trial. i really hope it doesn't run past that. i can't afford to take unpaid leave. i might have an extra day if they deduct vacation pay to cover ...

    (1:30) waiting for everyone to return and afternoon session to start again. i found a artists' co-op gallery across the street from the court house. i'll post the pics i took later. visiting artist, Margaret Kono, had some beautiful pieces in a very rigid style (with international influence in some pieces) of japanese ink painting, which are either Bokuga (blue/black ink only) or Saiboku-ga (color). beautiful work. a very nice distraction from the grime i must weed thru here.

    Kono 3

    Kono 2
    Kono 1

    (3:02) oxford is going to have to redefine redundant. it doesn't come close to describing the repetitive nature and rehashing of statements that we the jury are forced to endure.

    (3:45) dismissed for the day. i don't know how we will ever finish this case with the amount of time that we recess, break, or are excluded from proceedings. guess i get to hit a pharmacy earlier than expected so i can really fight this cold.

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