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    Aug 12, 2008

    day 1

    (9:45) i suppose i'll modify this blog a the day progresses. much more simple to read all in one place. the jury lot was full this morning which only added to the anxiety of my tardiness. little did i know that i would be hurrying to the eventual deliberation room to await entry into the courtroom. i can only wonder the reason for this. what is going on behind closed doors that the jury isn't aware of?

    (9:55) no sooner do we file in & take our seats than we are told there has been a delay. new game plan is to start after lunch. lets hope this isn't the status quo for the duration ...

    (1:30) recess is over kids, back to business.

    (2:30) opening statements have been completed, and God help the defendant because his lawyer is a pompous blowhard of an idiot. there's details, and then there's tagging and bagging each grain of sand that collectively constitutes a single footprint. break's over ...

    (4:10) we've been recessed for the night. more to come tomorrow. very disturbing case. i have never wanted to troubleshoot non-cable related issues so badly. the hours are nice, but i'd rather not have to come back to this for another 8-9 days. suffice it to say that my curious nature has been appeased.

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