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    Aug 8, 2008

    provoking thought ...

    I both read and heard something today (separate somethings ... yesterday? i haven't slept yet) that stuck with me. the written was more profound and the audible more provocative.

    Profane is to Profanity as Profound is to _________ ? Mull that one over for a bit ...

    What I read was on the wall facing me as I entered the courtroom: "Where Law ends, there Tyranny begins."

    What the judge stated just before we started filling the jurors' box was what really made me ponder. He said, "Any jury trial consists of 13 judges; one judge of the law, that's me, and 12 judges of the facts, that's you." I suppose it makes sense, but I'd never considered it that way before.


    julie said...

    I dont think youre missing a word here. Im pretty sure its William Pitt..."Where the law ends, Tyranny begins."

    preemptive warrior said...

    English has evolved. I read a lot of period pieces where the author writes the narrative in the style contemporary to the setting. Reading stuff even from two hundred years ago can be confusing.

    Also, I believe that the word is profundity. I didn't look it up, either.

    Scruluce said...

    i'd give kudos, but they'd only register as kudos to myself, and wouldn't that look pompous and foolhardy.

    i DID look it up, since i can't recall having seen the word before, and you are absolutely correct. i am in awe of your knowledge of the more obscurely tensed and/or conjugated words in the english language. :)