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    Aug 20, 2008

    day 6

    (9:59) just in time. everyone in the room is already talking restaurants and food. i should have eaten something for breakfast. only 2 hours. then i get a 90 minute meal break.

    (11:00) morning recess. i'm starting to think i could answer all the questions the defense attorney is asking, save for the defendant's opinion, or point of view.

    (12:35) a few of the guys decided they wanted to have a drink, so we made our way to the nearest licensed establishment that allowed for the guise of a meal to avoid suspicion. i was the only one to eat there, yet i was outvoted on paying my share of the tab. i didn't meet much argument in leaving a tip. i've found some characters, a fellow believer, and a few odd ducks. we've had fun hanging out between courtroom sessions. time to sit and enjoy the conversation and the weather.

    (2:45) afternoon break. defense rests ... uh oh, deliberation is really here ... wait, what do you mean rebuttal witnesses? plural? wonderful.

    (3:15) dismissed for the day. why'd we bother with a break? (more rebuttal witnesses tomorrow.) one of our jurors occasionally says she has a "feeling" about something, and it usually happens. just before returning from lunch recess, she made the comment that she thought we'd be out early today. here i am. kinda strange, but also a humorous point of discussion.

    we are becoming more and more convinced that our names will be flagged in the system under "auto dismiss" with as much fun as we've been having. we're also starting to wish that it would last longer. we're just having too much fun all around. examples:

    - the bailiff has joked around with us; he issues the validation stamp and ink pad daily, and almost daily someone suggests selling stampings out on the street. the stamp usually hasn't stayed in the room long. go fig.

    - the adjoining jury seems to be entertained by us when we're sharing the room, and when they're in session next door, the bailiff for that courtroom frequently has to come back and shut the door to buffer out the dull roar of our conversations and laughter.

    - the judge has on occasion made tongue in cheek remarks at the expense of defense attorney, usually followed by announcement of a recess of some sort. today we saw the judge walking down the adjoining hall between the courtroom and the jury room. in a classic high school moment, someone said (loud enough for the judge to hear) "uh oh, quiet. it's the judge." even the judge was amused by the comment. just classic.

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