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    Aug 21, 2008

    day 7

    (10:02) i thought i was going to be walking straight into the courtroom this morning. i was TARDY. fortune smiles on me once again. we are delayed until 10:45 or 11:00. this gives me opportunity to mention that mom has taken an interest in my blog as well (though she doesn't have a page herself). everyone say "hi mom". okay, i've got some time to work the crossword. more later.

    (11:45) prosecution rested on rebuttal. defense rebuttal witness has been questioned and released. we've been recessed for lunch, expecting that closing arguments will start when we return. this detail either has not sunk in, or simply has not dampened the lunch spirits.

    (2:20) i'm liking closing arguments less than some of the testimony i've had to sit through. i expect we will start deliberation in the morning.

    (3:55) we've been dismissed for the afternoon. you can tell a lot about someone by the way they speak, and the defense attorney just likes to hear himself speak. we still have to hear the prosecution's rebuttal closing tomorrow morning. we could be finished by end of day, or we could end up going through this coming tuesday.

    (4:50) i'm home alone, and was expecting my wife and kids in no more than an hour. i've learned that plans have changed and they are at my parents' house. i am being summoned, and ridiculed for taking the time to edit this for all of you. i'm finished. i suppose i'd better answer my phone.

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