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    Aug 22, 2008

    day 8

    (9:50) rebuttal closing to happen this morning. i am hoping this will last until lunch break so we aren't stuck ordering our meal in.

    (12:00) it's the posse's last ride. we've added a few honorary members for the occasion. fortunately we've been allowed to recess for lunch. one of our own was the first alternate, which does change the dynamic of conversation in the jury room now that we are deliberating and both alternates have been dismissed. everyone certainly has a stand on the case. i haven't read everyone as well as i thought i had, but some stereotypes have held true. my opinion is in the minority, but we haven't had a lot of discussion yet.

    (5:15) i've been home about an hour. we'll reconvene on monday morning to continue deliberation. i expect i know the ultimate outcome, and a verdict will be rendered. i have voiced my opinion, which is shared by at least one other, but will ultimately cede the point that my argument is not enough to render verdict in that direction. even if those in the minority were to stand their ground (with or without basis to do so), and we were stuck as a hung jury ... strike that. I cannot finish that thought while the trial is undecided.

    I will contemplate and pray throughout the weekend. i will do my sworn duty come monday. somewhere in between i will hopefully come to terms, and ultimately make peace, with my decision.

    this is the part of jury duty that is difficult. this is the part that any prospective juror should dread and not anything preceding.

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