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    Jan 6, 2011

    That's My Girl!

    Let me set up the scene. The open kitchen consists of 2 walls (on shared with the living room) with counters/appliances on both walls. The dining area is an extension off the kitchen, and is separated from the living room by only a couch, and change in flooring. The living room TV is on the same side of the house as the dining area, and is on for viewing during most meals. Given that layout, here is what happened...

    Six Days, Seven Nights was on the FX channel during dinner. My 9 year old daughter spotted David Schwimmer on the screen. I was not yet at the table, and overheard her mini-IMDB discertation. She began explaining to my folks that "that's the guy" who played Ross on Friends, and was also the voice of the Giraffe in the Madagascar. This led to her mentioning she knew the voice of the Lion was the fella from the Night at the Museum movies, but couldn't remember his name. She also thought Eddie Murphy was the voice of the zebra. (I corrected her there, having arrived at the table.) Both of my parents were stifling a chuckle and muttering something like "She's definitely his child." I couldn't be more proud in that moment. Awesomeness redefined.

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