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    Jun 22, 2006

    and another thing!!

    If you can't drive a car ... duh? don't drive. Furthermore, if you can't drive, don't sit in any other seat of the car and tell other people how NOT to drive.

    Gum, food, and other solid ingestable amenities are meant for chewing and/or swallowing. It is never acceptable, polite, nor cute to smack or otherwise be noisy while enjoying mastication. mmKay?
    I understand there is a very good reason that tech support hotlines exist, but for the love of God PLEASE get it straight!! tech SUPPORT. not tech DO IT FOR YOU! I cannot reach through your phone and fix the problem. If you are unwilling to "help me help you", then take your problem elsewhere. I am not going to send a tech to your house because you will not listen and follow simple instructions or answer yes and no questions. For crying out loud, if the tv will not turn on and you notice that it is not plugged in, or that the power strip (yes that's what you call it) is off, guess what the problem is!!
    On a related note to a couple comments above, if you are on the phone (regardless of how long you've been on hold), no mastication is allowed. Furthermore, if I hear one more toilet flush while I am explaining your bill to you (oh wow! you mean the detail of the bill is on the second page? like we're the only company to send you a multipage bill??) or solve a technical problem, I WILL find a way through the phone and ... never mind, just light a match and don't do it again, please?


    Anonymous said...
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    sarah said...

    Very funny! especially since I have been contemplating calling your fair company because I don't think my DVR works, and even worse, I don't know if it it an extra fee? So, not wanting to be the type of idiot you have here described, I will postpone that call yet again, and hope that if and when I do pick up the phone, I will not annoy you. :)

    Scruluce said...

    no fees to call comcast. we're avail 24/7 by phone (save 1-2AM for system maintenance - but we can still answer general questions for that one hour). Don't hesitate to call on account of my rantings. The customer(s) that drove me to this had no business operating anything more advanced than a lightswitch. They were also unwilling ... not unable ... unwilling to run over a few quick checkpoints that could have saved them time and frustration and maybe even resolved the problem then and there! I've suplemented this reply with a personal message (more for the record of anyone else reading this) and stand by both messages 101%