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    Jun 23, 2006

    Up in the sky

    I saw the Man of Steel back in action opening weekend, but I've not had a chance to sit down at the ol PC til just now. I must admit I had some skeptic moments watching previews and reading articles. I did keep my hopes high just knowing that Brian Singer was directing. His work on the first 2 X-Men movies was fantastic. That being said, I had doubts about the persons cast for Clark and Lois. It bugged me that they'd use Marlon Brando's voice in this movie. The look of the cape from still shots made it appear entirely too heavy. I didn't however, doubt for one second that Kevin Spacey would make a spectacular Lex Luthor.
    I was very impressed with the movie. Far better as a sequel to Superman 2 than the actual 2 sequels. It didn't take long for the new actor to seem exactly right for the part. The filmed angles for the flying shots were ingenious. In some shots it was as if the camera couldn't keep up with the action of Supes flying around the plane and debris. In others, the idea of him multitasking in flight without stopping or even slowing down was simply thrilling. Maybe it's been too long since this character has been on the silver screen, or maybe the little boy in me bubbled a little too close to the surface, I don't know. I do know that I'd pay money to go see this one again and again. It will be hard to resist avoiding the initial release to DVD and awaiting the "special edition" or director's cut, or whatever the sales trap is that makes the die hard fan buy multiple copies of the same movie. I must have patience.

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