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    Jun 24, 2006

    For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth ...

    Glory Hallelujah and pass the black eyed peas!! I completed the formality that is "tour". I only have to drag me bum to (did I say to ... I meant clear through) the capitol city for one more week. Starting in July I will be a local yokel comcast folkel. Kinda rolls off the tongue ... then trips over you teeth and comes out awkwardly, but I said it anyway. Friendships have been made. People and places there will be missed. But gosh darn it all, I don't have to drive 600 miles a week after July 1st. Call me frugal, but I've better things to do than fight traffic 2 hours (or more) daily ... like get a full night's sleep.

    I can't imagine going to bed by midnight. I can't bear the notion of waking up before 11:00. Simply put, I've been forced into keeping these hours far too long. What fun it will be to recondition myself to a "normal" schedule.

    I know this post doesn't quite cut the mustard as a "random thought" ... so I will try and salvage with an old adage given me by a friend. The bell always rings twice for the peanut.

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    allison said...

    So are you really working close to home now?!!? And you can actually get a decent night's sleep? ... that is if you choose to go to bed. I'm happy for you, enjoy your short drives and your not so sleepy eyes.