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    Jul 1, 2006

    what's done is done

    That's it. Done. No more 60 mile commute. I'm going to miss a lot of people there, but my wallet and my family thank me for the closer to home location.

    Enough of that ...

    Phobias are a funny thing. There is some rational reasoning to most of them, no matter how irrational your reaction is to that which you are phobic. I am pondering how phobias develop (and how to take over the world NARF!). A friend was playing a video clip recently. I heard what was going on but couldn't see the clip myself. Some girl is on a talk show (Maury or some such thing). She screams and cries and absolutely loses her faculties at the sight of ... wait for it ... pickles. Snakes, we're told growing up, can be poisonous and could even kill you. Spiders can be very creepy little things, and if you're allergic then a fear factor may apply there as well. All manner of things that may or may not actually go bump in the night or have little paws that give you the heebie jeebies (yes that's how you spell it) if and when they touch you are understandable sources of fears. Fear is something totally separate of phobia, though. I'm afraid of heights. It took me forever to even climb the high dive, let alone leap. I'm no fan of the eight legged freaks, but I'll stomp it before I run from it. I can't stand the taste of pickles. They are unnatural and don't belong anywhere near my burger (or peanut butter sandwich - hound dog). It's inanimate. It's not going to jump up and chase you across the room. It isn't more afraid of you than you are of it. God, I would love to see that chick walk through a grocery store. Does she pass that aisle altogether, or does she just stay extra close the canned goods on the opposite shelves. "Excuse me mr. grocery clerk. Could you get me a can of olives? Yes I know they're on aisle three, but I can't get them. The pickles next to them scare me." I have to wonder how many of those people were hypnotized before the show so they could make a quick buck and have their 15 minutes just for the show to hire some other therapist to undo the gag and be the miracle worker. Wow golly gee, she was so afraid of pickles, now look ... she ate the whole jar!!! Is the brain of the phobic gullible for having the issue, or are we gullible for watching the show??

    I think I'll file that under T for "curious".

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