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    Aug 5, 2006

    If you're hungry ....

    My poor friend Elizabeth (congratulate her on her new job!!) sometimes gets the best of my blog ideas when I call and leave messages on her voicemail. I ramble on about some thought in me head and forgets to share it here where no one listens anyway. I tend to rant ... if you hadn't read any of my other postings ... and today's word, kids, is TANGENT. can you say tangent?

    Since I can't remember what sparked my last message on her cell (maybe I should get a digi recorder and turn them into podcasts ... hahaha) I decided to read her latest posting. I made reply, as a good friend does, and discovered I was the second to do so. Turns out both persons posting comment gave kudos to the big E (just made that up ... she's not really "big" ... sorry, Elizabeth, am I embarrassing you?). To the left of the entire blog post now there is a tally box notating who is "giving kudos". So apparently come find me, or the other person, if you are in need of or desire a chocolate covered granola bar.

    Don't say I've never given nor offered.

    1 comment:

    ellieherrity said...

    i'm beginning to miss those little pearls of insanity on my voicemail. i guess that now you can put them here you don't really need to call anymore. poop.

    and kudos to you too, my friend. kudos. of sorts.